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Main roads in Tokyo
are layed out after
the unique concept

All of the roads
are centered at
the Imperial Residence

There are two types of roads,
circular and radial.
Circular roads draw
couples of circles around
the Imperial Residence,
Radial roads start from
the Imperial Residence
and run in all directions

Each of the roads has
its own face.

I will show you them.
東京風景写真・画像3 東京風景写真・画像4
東京風景写真・画像2 東京風景写真・画像1

Ginza Street---The finest shopping thoroughfare in Japan
Nihombashi Street---The oldest business center in Tokyo
Uchibori Road---The circular road No.1 around the Imperial Residence
Sotobori Road near Ichigaya--The circular road No.2
McArthur Road--A tributary of the circular road No.2
Hibiya-dori Avenue - A row of headquarter buildings along the inner moat
Marunouchi Nakadori Street - The new shopping thoroughfare
Omote Sando Street---The elegant street leading to Meiji shrine
Nakano Street-The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
Nakasugi Street---The beautiful zelkova trees


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