my london tour with my son hand in hand

I made a short tour to London
with my son hand in hand
in summer,1993.

During the tour days,
we walked around central London,
visiting many famous places.
At everywhere we visited,
I wrote down short memos
and sketched historical monuments
or beautiful townscapes.

After we came back to Japan,
I painted the rough sketches
in watercolor.
The paintings I show you below
are the jewels for me
memorating my London tour.

Map of London showing the places we walked around

The Tower of London-A View from the south bank of Thames
Tower Bridge- A View from the north bank of Thames
The City of London
St Paul's Cathedral
Cromwell road-A main street in south Kensington area
Inside the hotel room which we stayed in

Trafalgar Square-The fountain and the Landseers
Buckingham Palace-Open to the public on a summer holiday
St James Park-The oldest park in London
West Minster Abbey-The worship house of kings
Big Ben-The house of the Parliament of the UK
County Hall-The house where LCC and GLC took offices
Royal Greenwich Observatory-All time and space bigins here
Holborn-A classic half timber builing on the roadside
Leicester Square-The navel of London

The Regent's Park-The largest grass area in central London
Regent's Street-The major shopping thoroughfare in central London
British Museum
Piccadily Circus-The busiest traffic circle in London

Paddington Station-The major terminal station
connecting London with western parts of England

Christ Chuch college-One of the oldest colleges in Oxford
Oxford Botanic Garden-The oldest botanic garden in England

Hyde Park
National Gallery
West End-The place where theatres are located
Gloucester Road-A parish church standing by the roadside