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As I wrote in another page,
Tokyo is a vast complex
of relatively self reliant parts.
Each part has its own face
and cultural backbone.
And each part is named
something of a town
as if it is a unique being
independent from the whole
city of Tokyo.

The towns in Shitamachi
look different from those
in Yamanote.
The variety is very interesting.

I will show you the variety
shown among the towns in Tokyo

Akihabara : Electric Town
Jinbocho : Book Town
Yokoyamacho : Wholesale Town
Tsukiji : Fish Town
Ryogoku : Sumo Town
Maruyamacho : Lovers' Wonderland
Yurakucho : Under the Railroad
Shinbashi : Drinkers' Paradise
Shokuan-dori : Korean Town


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